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Christians are supposed to be the light of the world, but you can't be a light if you're not plugged in.

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Revelation 16:16

“And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.”

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Lyn's Question Lyn was a little lady in her late 40s or early 50s. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and I began to show her through the prospectus. With Lyn though, it wasn't necessary for her to verbalise her health status. Her problems were very visible. Lyn, I later found out, had over the past 10 years put on one kilogram, taking her total body weight to just 37 kilograms. She suffered from coeliac disease and her pale features indicated that she didn't go outside much. Apart from this, her wrinkles and sunken facial features advertised loudly her life story, which I was later to find out was a tough one.

Having showed Lyn through the health volumes, I proceeded on to Today, Tomorrow and You. Until this point she was very interested, but when the mention of God came up she asked me whether all the volumes came together or if she could split up the set. Sensing her hesitation, I asked her which ones she was most interested in. She said, “I'm interested in these medical ones, but not this religious one.” Right there I had to make a decision. I knew she would more than likely buy the health books. Should I risk the sale by probing further into her reason for not wanting the spiritual volume?

In the previous house a young couple placed an order for a large set of books, but insisted they didn't want anything to do with the Bible. Their reasoning was like many, based on a lack of real understanding of what they were saying no to. With Lyn however, I could sense something much deeper than that.

Lyn had had a tough life. Hers was not a childhood she could look back on with fond memories. At the age of seven most of us look back on the most happiest and secure time of our life. Lyn's strongest memory of that age was having this special secret with Daddy that Mummy or no one else could ever find out about. It wasn't until she was 12 that she had the courage to speak up about it. Her mum shortly afterwards filed for divorce and she was left to wonder whether any of that was her fault.

More recently her own daughter had come out of two three month stints in rehab for a drug problem that drained them both emotionally and financially.

So when I did probe further, Lyn confronted me with this question: “If God was a loving God, why did He let all these bad things happen to me?” Al though this is a common objection attached to the emotion of Lyn's story, it felt like I was hearing it for the first time.

Throughout Lyn's personal narrative I prayed silently for the right words of encouragement. During this time I began to feel a real purpose and conviction for being there and looked for the right opportunity to witness about God's goodness. This question afforded the chance to do just that. I believe God gave me the words as I began to offer her some things to consider about how we were created in God's image with the power to choose freely.

God gave the life of His most precious Son to ensure that our freedom to choose was preserved. Unfortunately with this gift comes accountability. God cannot be responsible when people choose evil rather than good. It hurts Him deeply, more deeply than we can ever know when He sees us suffer. But to step in every time someone decides to make a bad choice would take away our humanity and turn us into robots.

Lyn listened intently and I was able to share many explanations that shed more understanding on her difficult question. But more importantly I was able to assure her that, unlike her natural father (who was the only comparison she had to compare her heavenly Father with), God loved her more than she could ever know.

When I offered to pray with her, she agreed without hesitation. After the prayer I looked over to her and noticed that her creased frown had given way to a smile that changed her whole appearance. We continued to talk for quite some time before she placed an order for the whole set of books including Today, Tomorrow and You, which she now wanted delivered first. - Shaun Hepworth, Eastern Area

The following is some recommended reading: To discover why God calls the Catholic Church Babylon, read the origin of sun worship and Sunday Sabbath followed by paganism in the Church and the who changed the Sabbath for the real truth on how the Sabbath was changed. Number of the beast is also recommended reading and contains fascinating information on the real origin of 666 and how it originally also came from Babylon and why it now relates to the Catholic Church. The secret rapture theory and seven years tribulation reveals the truth on how this false teaching came to be and gives the real truth on the second coming of Christ. [prophecy]