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Christians are supposed to be the light of the world, but you can't be a light if you're not plugged in.

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Passage Verse

Revelation 16:16

“And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.”

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Evangelism Story

Anything Can Happen Pauline invited me into her home, and as soon as I entered I noticed she was limping. I asked her what her problem was. “A badly ingrown toenail that will be operated on next week”, was her reply. She quickly proceeded, though, to tell me about her four year old daughter who had just had an operation a few days previously.

“I went to my doctor the other day with my girl because she had a small lump behind her ear. He didn't think it was serious and sent her home. The next day the lump was huge and her speech and hearing became affected. We went to the hospital, and the doctors operated on her since it was an abscess.” Pauline lifted the girl's hair at the back of her head and added, “And look at this. The doctor in the hospital told me it's eczema and my local doctor's been treating her for nit bites for the past year.” Additionally she mentioned several other misdiagnoses her doctor had made with her little boy.

As I canvassed the books, I said, “You can see, Pauline, how these books could have helped you check on the problems, and save you and your children lots of worry and suffering.” “Oh yes!” she responded. “Even though I have six children, I've realised that each child is different. Anything can happen and I'm still learning!”

Pauline had some interest in God, and praise the Lord she ordered the Family Bible and Bible Stories in addition to the Family Lifestyle Series. She was very keen when I offered to pray with her before I left her home. - Danuta Makosz, Eastern Area

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